Resident Testimonials


“It’s quiet, good people around & I haven’t had any problems with my apartment…”

-Genovera, Brawley


“It’s quiet, peaceful, and I feel safe. I have great neighbors.”

-Christopher & Yessenia, Brawley


“Since the first day I applied the staff was nice, caring, and through the years so understanding. Me and my kids love it here. They have really helped make this house our home. We never had any problems.”

-Janaya, El Centro


“I’ve been here for three years and have had a great experience. Any problems are always taken care of in a timely manner. Very professional.”

-Isabel, El Centro


“They have kept the place right, they have been ok by me.”

-Melissa, Brawley


“Porque me gusto mucho el albiente tranquilo y la manager, Priscila, very nice.”

-Judith, Brawley


“It’s really quiet. Everyone sticks to themselves. The manager is very good as well.”

-Irma, Brawley


“The staff is friendly, and I have friends here. We help each other. Easy to get to Walmart and laundry is across the street. It is also close to the nursing home Paul was at.”

-Betty, Brawley


“I give thanks to Desert Properties for helping and supporting me for 8 wonderful years. They were always providing me with all the services that I requested like A/C, keys, broiler, vehicle security, clean yards, and peaceful environment. Thank you for everything!”

-Jose, El Centro


“The rent is a very good reasonable price, friendly, and they service ASAP.”

-Jeanne, Brawley


“I love it here!”

Wendolyn, Brawley


“I feel good about the place. Good manager.”

-Guiuermo, Brawley


“Great customer service. Keep it up!”

-Lee, Brawley


“They are really cool and nice. Thank you!”

-Francisco, Brawley


“I’ve had a great stay and never any problems.”

-Miguel, Brawley


“Priscila cares about her renters and the office is nice too.”

-Marti, Brawley


“I like renting with Desert Properties because…it is awesome!”

-Albert, Brawley


“I like living at Desert Properties. It’s a quiet, clean, nice, place to live.”

-Susan, Brawley


“Great employees who understand problems you may have and help solve them.”

-Ronald, El Centro


“It’s not based on what benefits them, but there are there for their residents. Desert Properties treat their residents like family. You are taken care of with Desert Properties.”

-Angela, El Centro


“It’s the best place I’ve found in 22 years and the ladies are gorgeous.”

-Henry, El Centro


“Priscila is great to work with!”

-Natalie, Brawley


“Regardless of being next to the highway it’s still nice & quiet. The tenants are friendly except for the cougar! HA!”

-Carolina, Brawley